Saying Goodbye to a Hero: Freddie the bomb-sniffing dog served in Afghanistan

Freddie, a landmine and bomb sniffing dog that served four tours in Afghanistan will be laid to rest this week and given and remembered as a hero. PHOTO: WQED

There is no question that dogs have saved thousands of lives in warzones around the world. The bond that develops between the dog and their handlers is strong and most dogs wind up retiring at the homes of their handlers in the States.

Such is the case with Freddie, a bomb sniffing dog that served three tours of duty before serving his last in Afghanistan with Ryan Anderson of Galva, Illinois. Freddie is 14 and this video shows Ryan and his family paying tribute to his service hours before having to put him to sleep and say goodbye.

“He’s like a brother. And he served his country just like my dad,” said Tara Anderson. “He’s a soldier.”

See the video below.

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