About Clear Path International

Clear Path International (CPI) is an international non-governmental organization that provides comprehensive, community-based Victim Assistance, awareness raising, capacity-building and community development programs in conflict and post-conflict areas. CPI started it’s services in Vietnam in 2000 from a passion for the survivors of the Vietnam War. Since then we have also successfully managed projects in Afghanistan, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. We provide innovative, high-impact programming that is scalable, replicable, measurable and cost-effective. Our mission is to restore dignity and self-sufficiency to conflict survivors and those suffering from neglected tropical diseases.

CPI’s work is conducted directly or in partnership with a network of local in-country implementing partners specifically selected to help us meet our mission. Over the years, CPI has grown to be one of the most experienced providers of comprehensive VA and capacity-building programming among conflict assistance NGOs throughout the world, bringing the most practical deliverables and interventions to highly vulnerable populations, particularly women, disadvantaged groups (i.e. ethnic minorities, people with disabilities) and rural communities. CPI has developed a thorough understanding of these communities, delivering cost effective, innovative and flexible programs and modalities to assist those affected by conflict and the devastating effects of neglected tropical diseases. We have served hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries worldwide and have developed a highly effective Monitoring and Evaluation system to improve our serves and help more of those in need. 


Clear Path International in Afghsnistan

A landmine survivor is fitted for a prosthetic at a Clear Path International partner clinic in Kabul, Afghanistan.